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Commercial Buildings and Warehouses

Wired Services

Covering all your Power, Data, Lighting and Security cabling with a coordinated approach means your building has unified systems that covers all the requirements. Installation requirements are also properly met with correct separation and coordination between services.

  • Structured Data Cabling
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Wall Trunking Systems
  • Cable Support and Protection Systems


In todays world lighting is not simply just a light bulb in holder, but covers a range of applications, systems with legal, enviromental and future requirements. Typical systems are:

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Occupancy controlled lighting
  • Lux level and presence controlled lighting for warehousing

EECA recognised and subsidised fittings and systems are available.

Building Automation

A modern building shouldn't just look like a modern building but should function like one too. The advantage of a unified approach to the installations of all systems means they can be integrated to function together seamlessly. Access control, Lights control and 'Last man out' power shut systems can be built in to the functions of the Security System with many advantages to the end user.

  • Remote control and monitoring via smart phone app
  • Doesn't matter what door you leave by, any keypad controls all the             systems and functions
  • Simple, effective and transparent control of access and use of building

Commercial Coolstores and Chillers

  • Meat Freezers
  • Produce Coolstores
  • Chiller Rooms
  • Humidity Controlled Coolstores